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Helping you predict what’s coming is central to our healthcare excess loss business. As the nation’s largest health plan reinsurance broker, Evergreen Re uses highly-evolved, actuarially sound risk analysis to provide health plans, physician groups, and other managed healthcare organizations vital information as well as unique best-of-class solutions and services to protect them from catastrophic claims and financial turbulence.

Our size and specialized expertise in managed care allows us to analyze your healthcare risk, market that risk to major insurers worldwide and get you the precise coverage you need at the lowest cost. We also become your biggest advocate in making sure you thoroughly understand your coverage and help you use it to your advantage.

From HMO Reinsurance, Managed Transplant Insurance and Managed Care Liability to PBM management and other specific risk reduction products that help control costs, share or transfer risk, our goal is to provide you with the most effective tools to better manage the high risk and catastrophic exposure facing you in today’s healthcare environment.

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